About bluerg

How did bluerg come about?

Hi!  I'm Caroline, and I launched bluerg in 2020 after becoming tired of searching for comfortable, non-restrictive sports bras or crop tops.  I didn't fit the sizing mould of S, M, L, XL that most brands offer and nor did many other women around me.  What we REALLY wanted were products that catered for our broader backs, and were larger around the underbust and ribcage to give us room to breathe.

After years of searching online and instore, I decided to tackle the problem myself.  bluerg was born and the fun began.

What's so special about bluerg bras and crops?

They are ADJUSTABLE.  SERIOUSLY adjustable in the underbust band around the back, like no other product available.  So yes, you can have:

  • a small bust (or muscle tissue) + broad back;
  • a larger bust + narrow back; or
  • anything in between!

Each cup size comes with three different underbust size options, each of which expand. This gives you unparalleled lateral expansion, allowing you to control how tight your fit is at any time of the day. 

The best part: you can BREATHE during workouts, you can relax in comfort and you don't have the urge to rip your bra off as soon as an opportunity arises!